Crozes-Hermitage :


Crozes-Hermitage red

- Vinyards : the largest appellation in the Côtes du Rhône Septentrionales region.

- Soil : Ancient fluvio-glacial alluvia and round stone terraces.

- Dominant wind : the Mistral (north wind) encourages a good state of hygiene, consistant in quality.


This wine comes from the Syrah grape which gives it a strong red colour with intense purple reflections. The colour is bright and fresh. The odeur is of ripe fruit, dominated by blackcurrant and raspberry and a hint of leather as it ages. A slight spiciness raises it's aromatic character well. The tase is variable with a delicate volume. The tannins are soft and velvety. It's a wine with an enjoyable roundness, enhanced by the freshness of it's fruit.


Crozes-Hermitage white

This wine comes from the Marsanne grape, it's bright yellow colour is clear and brilliant. The dominant aromas of white fruits (peache, pear, ...), dried fruits and small sweet flowers are enjoyable and encourage your to raise the glass to your lips. A good balance in tase offers a delicate roundness, strengthend by the freshness.



Ermitage Red, Ermitage White : The reference for quality wine in France


Ermitage Red

We offer our Ermitage Red in limited quantity.

The grapes are produced carefully : organic fertilizer, no chemical insecticides, working of the soil, reasoned treatments, pruning when needed,...

The wine making is traditional : fermentation in wooden tanks, pigeages, burgundy wood for the barrels.

This wine has a dark ruby colour, an aroma of red fruits, wild flowers evolving into nutty fruits and leather with age. The taste can be a bit harsh in it's youth, but the softness and roundness evolve with age.


Ermitage White

Our Ermitage white is particular in that is comes from 100% Roussanne grapes.

The conditions of cultivation are the same.

The wine making is carried out with the fermentation and ageing in French made oak barrels.

This gives a brilliant golden yellow colour, a hint of flowers, vanilla and grilled almonds. In taste, the Roussanne brings grace, elegance associated with the richness of the mature grape.



Cornas : The well known wine


Our vinyard, completely on hillside, is produced in the same reasoned way as our Ermitage as for the making of the wine and the ageing.

Appreciated for several centuries, The Cornas needs to be kept before it can be fully appreciated.

Sampling this wine reveals a sobre red colour, an odeur of red fruits and strong pepper. After 5 years the aroma evolves towards the truffle, cooked fruits, liquorice. The taste softens with time but guards it's strong initial structure